Aura 7 Chakr

The seven chakras are the seven wonders of the world

Chakras are called energy, invisible centers of a person. Chakra in Sanskrit means “circle,” “disk,” and “wheel,” and in the spiritual practices of Hinduism is the center of consciousness and power, located in the internal bodies of each person. On a subtle energy level. Psychics see these centers and the aura that radiates from the chakras. Yoga centers and Kundalini Reiki, special attention in esoteric centers, chakras are given. Chakras stand out in the body as formations in the form of spheres that radiate energy, from which thin petals extend – these are the sections of energy channels adjacent to them. In truth, it is not possible to determine how many chakras a person has. Since in addition to the main seven chakras, there are many secondary energy centers responsible for incoming energy flows. Science is only now embarking on a detailed study of the chakras, which have a variety of properties. The ancient Indian tradition connects the chakras’ action in various plans built on correspondence between the micro- and macrocosm. Chakras are associated with unique properties of human behavior and personality, that is, negative and positive character traits and the activation of specific sense organs. When they are open, and the energy flows freely and unhindered, we feel the fullness of our creation, the lightness of being, and harmony with the entire universe. Blocks in these centers fail to work both on the mental and physical levels.
Malaise, headaches, frequent illnesses, depression, fatigue, and apathy often result from malfunctioning our chakras. And if we were able to block them, then there is a way and unblocking (opening). Experienced bioenergetics work with chakras and help people get rid of many problems. If the chakras function harmoniously and balance, a person acquires both physical and spiritual health. Experts in Kundalini Reiki say that “blocked” chakras, or vice versa, strongly opened ones lead to violations of the body’s functions and, at times, irreversible processes. Professionals can see the work of the chakras from a photo or by tuning in to a person in terms of energy. On our site, you can order diagnostics of the chakras and your energy by your photo if you would like. And you can also dive into the beautiful world of esoterics.