Black magic and curses removal & energy healing/cleansing

In addition to the physical shell, a person also has an energy shell invisible to the eye. It and its components are called differently: energy, aura, and biofield. Like the physical body, human energy has its structure, each element of which plays an important role. Is it possible to live successfully without knowing these details? Yes, it is quite possible. You don’t have to understand anatomy to be healthy. But if a problem occurs, to solve it, you still have to figure it out yourself or with the help of a specialist. If a health problem occurs, a competent medical professional can help solve it. But what if there is a problem with a person’s energy that is not visible? Sometimes it can be solved with the help of medicine, but not always. Indeed, for its complete solution, it is necessary not only to see the essence of the problem but also to find the source, that is, the thought, event, or act that led to the appearance of the problem. Our healers can help solve this type of problem. The people know the words “black magic,” “evil eye,” “jinx,” “curse,” “crown of celibacy,” and others.
On the one hand, all these types of negative influences do exist. On the other hand, amateur healers and psychics often “find” them where they are not present. And they offer to use their services for “healing” the disease. “There is a curse on you,” – they will quickly say. Or: “You urgently need to remove the energy blockages.” Firstly, since you were able to live to this day and read this text, there is probably nothing deadly in your aura/energy, and there is no reason to panic. Secondly, things such as “curse” and “evil eye” are not found on people as often as amateur healers would like. Yes, sometimes there are “darkenings” or “controversial moments” in a person’s aura. But blindly rushing to heal them is like putting a filling when you see the slightest darkening on the tooth enamel, which may not turn out to be caries. Don’t try to find a problem where there isn’t one. We follow this approach. We do not see “black magic,” “evil eye,” “jinx,” “curse,” etc., where they do not exist, and we do not impose services for solving problems that you do not have. At the same time, if there is still some problem in your aura, we will describe it to you in understandable words without intimidation and explain what the solution to this issue will give you. The choice will be yours. If you want to check your aura and biofield for negative influences, our healer will diagnose your energy using your photo. You can send us your picture to order diagnostics of aura and the presence of black magic.

Information needed from you

  • Your name
  • Fate of birth
  • Your photo, preferably recent
  • Optional: a brief description of the situation: what worries you, what would you like to know?
  • Aura/energy diagnostics cost: $50
  • Black magic removal, energy healing/cleansing cost: $300