Tarot readings

Sometimes a question arises, and the answer does not lie on the surface. Sometimes you might need a hint or a side view of the situation. In such cases, Tarot cards can answer. There is an opinion that sometimes it is better not to know the probable outcome of the situation, what if it is wrong? And having heard a possible outcome, a person “programs” himself for it and will not give a chance to another, better result. We do not adhere to this point of view since when making layouts on the Tarot, we are guided by the search for the most favorable solution to the situation and suggest how to come to it. Also, if you send your photo when ordering a tarot spread, we look at your energy for more information about the situation at no extra charge.

Information needed from you

  • Your name and the names of
  • Dates of birth
  • A photo is desirable, but not required
  • A brief summary of the situation: the current state of things and what you would like to know using a Tarot reading

Price: $50